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    The image shows a stunning sunset with the sun setting over the ocean, framed by silhouetted palm trees against an orange and yellow sky.

Makai Kahe Golden Hour Yoga W/ Yvonne

Event Info

 July 16, 2024

  5:45 PM - 7:15 PM

Embark on a journey of 'Makai kahe' where we will gracefully flow oceanside. Join us for a scenic 0.7-mile stroll from the Wayfinder to Queen's Beach, where we will immerse ourselves in deep stretching and meditative breathing techniques along a memorizing sunset.

Your guide, Yvonne Lulu, brings her expertise in diving and calisthenics to this unique experience. With her guidance, you will learn to harmonize your powerful energy, known as 'mana' in Hawaiian, by connecting with the 'aina (land) and kai (ocean) through the art of flow.

Meet up by the front desk, where we will provide yoga mats for your comfort. Be sure to bring water and arrive a few minutes early to complete a waiver form.