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    A person with curly hair plays a cello on stage, wearing a patterned shirt and a strap over their shoulder, with stage lights in the background.

Poolside Vibes W/ LoveJack

Event Info

 July 24, 2024

  4:00 PM - 6:00 PM

Sip, swim and lounge while vibing to some of our favorite artists poolside and at Lost + Found.

The name Lovejack comes from the Jack of Hearts, which as a playing card, represents romance and chivalry - it is an "honest young man in love."

This handle found Brian Webb shortly before leaving Streetlight Cadence - Emmy-nominee of the 2019 KFVE TV show "Will Play For Food" and 2x Na Hoku Hanohano Award winning band. Departing from the group's characteristic folk-pop energy and quirkiness, Brian developed solo cello-rhythm looping, mixing dark textures and pop music in the pursuit of creating lovely music for lovely people.

Outside of Lovejack, Brian continues to write, produce, and teach music; record voiceover, and collaborate with other artists, including Kaka'ako String Quartet. He also has a vocal health product called Straws for Singing - a recently popular tool for singers/speakers interested in maintaining their vocal health.

Join us at Lost + Found from 5pm - 7pm daily for Pau Hana Happy Hour and enjoy 50% off craft cocktails, as well as our $35 Mix & Match Deal!